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People hug unnecessarily. They touch far too much.

We are here to bring back the high five and to bring back the high five, hard. We are devoting ourselves to this movement and to crush the abomination that is ‘the hug.’ So much bodily contact. It really skeezes us out. And its confusing. Where are you supposed to position your hips? What if you both accidentally thrust forward at the same time? Do you bend at the waist? One arm or two? There is no confusion with the high five. You need to celebrate, to congratulate, to console? Focus on that other person’s elbow and let the good times roll. We say: less hugging and more high fiving.

We see how much better this world can be with the abolishment of the hug. Don’t worry Grandma, a high five is just as satisfying. We promise. And as this movement takes flight we ask you to join us in aforementioned...flight or something. Make a pact with us, that you too will use the high five for good. Will throw yourself in front of an oncoming hug to save others from the dreaded embrace. Will devote time each day to the maintenance of your high fiving hand. To strengthen your spindly fingers into the strongest Hulk Hogan-est fiving hand around. To change the vernacular. “Two high fives up,” “I high five you,” and “let’s make high five...for about 30 to 52 seconds.” These will become part of the social consciousness. or maybe something a bit more clever. Whoever comes up with that, may we high five you...for 30 to 52 seconds.

So again, we promulgate: Less hugging and more high fiving. Join us in elevating the high five without turning it into a hand holding contest. No, no that is too close to a hug. We pledge to high five your grandma when she makes us eggs in the morning. To high five without sting. To end Tom Brady’s suffering. We pledge to high five ourselves, because we deserve it. oh and we will high five the shit out of you.

In this age of likes, thumbs up, and fistbumps we ask: “how the FUCK is brohugging a thing?” and we pledge to end it now.

Now, go high five yourself, you deserve it.



The High Five Champion wants to high five your mom, all inanimate objects, plus your face. but in a good way. The High Five Champion is too excited about life to waste time hugging and can find something positive to high five about, even if you were tipped over in a porta-potty while taking a dump on a 100 degree summer day. At least your stomach feels better. High Five.

When the High Five Champion enters a room, its as if you brought the entire all-male cheer squad from Bring It On 4: We are Still, Still Cheering with you. Did you make a mistake? “No big deal.” Get a promotion? “Awesome.” Pass your math test by cheating of Paul Pfeiffer? “Well that just makes sense.” Forget to wear pants? “Here, have my pants.”

You have a tendency to remind everyone that yes, they too are awesome and deserve some recognition for it. That recognition will take the form of a beer, followed by a high five.


The High Five Thrill-Seeker wants a life that is the opposite of sedentary, which really just means you want to do things that are funner - yes, funner - than most other things. And more adventurous. Hence the name. You are adventuring either independently or with a group. What remains a constant is your need to tell other people about your awesome adventuring. Which is fine because, yes, it is pretty damn awesome.Then you need a high five to round it all out.

You can find the High Five Thrill-Seeker getting rad, pitted, steezy, in the barrel and other activities which come with their own demonstrative vocabulary. You can also find the High Five Thrill-Seeker post activity, re-living what just went down and high fiving about it. Then you drink a beer, or 5.


The High Fives Over Hugs Anytime-er needs five feet of personal space at all times. Or more. You aren’t unfriendly; you just don’t want others to exist in your personal bubble, or you in theirs. “Seriously, don’t hang out in my bubble.”

The High Fives Over Hugs Anytime-er will celebrate any and all high-five worthy accomplishments and will slap you some skin when necessary, which could be pretty often. You won’t, won’t, will not hug. So people, mostly bros, stop trying.You Fully Embrace the "Less Hugging, More High Fiving" mantra because why wouldn’t you? It makes smence.


The Awkward High Fiver-er believes 100% in the high five. You are similar to the High Five Champion but lacking in the art of hand-eye coordination and social graces. You are quick to high five in any and every situation, which can be, you know, awkward. Its not that you believe a high five can solve any problem you just really like high fiving. This quick-draw style of the Highus Fivicus leads you to to either whiffs, biffs, whomps, turkeys, or awkward hand holding when a simple high five was intended. You don’t mean to be awkward, you just are sometimes.

The Awkward High Fiver-er can be found in any (or all) of the following situations: Attempting to slap some skin at funerals, when you got dumped, when giving the birds and the bees talk, after you tripped in public and that one time you didn’t know anyone at that party. We can’t blame you for attempting a high five in these situations but man, you’re awkward.


Quit trying to put me in an f'n box, Iron Horse.


We created a bunch of lists for your eyeballs to read. Enjoy.

5 Times when High Fives are Better than Hugs

We like to avoid physical contact at all costs. Especially when it comes in the form of a warm and fuzzy embrace. Here are five situations a high five is always better than a hug. Take notes.
  1. 1. Always. Period.

5 Awkward High Fives

The awkward high fiver knows all too well how painful a poorly timed high five can be. For those not so socially awkward, we put together a list of the five most awkward high fives.
  1. 1. The naked high five
  2. 2. The “good game” high five
  3. 3. The lingering squeeze
  4. 4. The sweaty palms
  5. 5. The complete miss

People NOT To High Five

This goes against the idea of More High Fiving, but we made an exception for the following. Do not high five these people.
  1. 1. Your gynecologist
  2. 2. Edward Scissor Hands
  3. 3. A leper
  4. 4. A lemur
  5. 5. King Midas
  6. 6. Olivia Newton John
  7. 7. John Travolta’s Wig
  8. 8. Anyone who has ever sang Summer Nights
  9. 9. Tom Cruise’s lips
  10. 10. Hootie and the Blowfish
  11. 11. Neil Diamond
  12. 12. An aardvark
  13. 13. A jelly fish
  14. 14. Mariah Carey
  15. 15. A hot air balloon


We find great high five photos on the internet and post them here. If you happen to be the owner of one of these photos and you hate that we are reposting it, then we will immediately take it down. Just let us know. We won't high five you though.


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